How To Be Successful? 3 Underrated Skills To Help You Get There

It’s not just about sales and marketing anymore

Adete Dahiya
5 min readSep 29, 2020
By Edu Lauton for Unsplash

A friend of mine set up his restaurant in Delhi, India, at the beginning of February 2020. Everything was going well but then bam! COVID! Suddenly there was panic and frenzy and navigating the F&B space became extremely difficult. I should know because we had to deal with something similar with our own F&B brand — The Nutty Kitchen, a vegan-beverage startup.

After his place re-opened, he found it difficult to get back customers. The conventional marketing methods could only do so much and he wasn’t well versed with the digital world.

Stories like his dot the current work landscape. For both business owners and job goers. The work sphere is continuously evolving. Digitization is the biggest aspect of it, yes, but the effects can be felt in almost every sphere. As a result, the definition of success also continues to evolve.

I feel communication, adaptability, and patience are extremely important skills for almost any professional or a business owner. But they don’t exist in isolation. Going forward, they’re not going to guarantee success alone.

In this article, I want to touch upon a couple of complex skills that I feel we don’t get to read about a lot. These…



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