6 skills that can make you better than 90% of writers out there

Adete Dahiya
2 min readMay 10, 2022

I edited 200 blogs in 3 months (avg 2000–8000 words). Here’s what I found separates good writers from the average ones:

1. They read the brief thoroughly

And will often get on a call to get clarity about anything confusing upfront. If a brand doesn’t provide a brief, they will ask for it.

2. They create an article outline before writing

Yes, this is in addition to the brief and it helps structure the article a lot better as well as prevents them from missing out on important pointers.

And yup, you can tell while editing if someone did this or not.

3. They follow the brand’s guidelines

Brands have style guides & non-negotiables (such as certain links & CTAs). Writers who write on a recurring basis often follow this without having to be told again and again.

4. They keep the use of adjectives & fillers to a minimum

These words pad up the copy but don’t deliver any real value. A good writer knows this and keeps fluff to a minimum.

5. They optimize the article for user experience

Few understand the importance of optimizing web content for user experience but those who do make for effective writers.

6. They edit their copy after they’ve written it

Writing and editing are two separate processes. And a writer needs to know how to do both. Good writers will never send in an unedited copy

Anyone looking to monetize their writing and make this their career field should work on these skills alongside working on improving the way they communicate. Simply building these skills can make you better than 90% of the writers out there.



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