A day in the ‘oh-so-fabulous’ life of an independent woman

The movies, they all lie

Adete Dahiya
5 min readJan 5, 2021


When I was in high school, I couldn’t wait to start adulting — to have my own place, go partying with my friends on the weekends and trot around town in fashionable clothes. You guessed it, like Carrie in Sex and The City or like Monica or Rachel in Friends.

Not the best idea of adulting to have as a teen, is it?

I was quickly made aware of this a few years later as I got a job and got my own place. The reality was blaring and not quite as “fabulous” as I had expected.

If you’re an adult on Medium reading this, you probably know how things are about to go down. But I still thought I’d bless you all with an account of what a day in the life of an independent woman, working from home looks like. Ready? Let’s go!

The waking up

6 am is when my first alarm rings. But like for many other millennials, it is the first in a series of rather loud and irritating alarm bells. After six alarms, and two phone calls from a friend I’ve assigned the task of waking me up to, I drearily pull myself out of bed at around 6:45.

Yes, I know that still counts as being a morning person which is so unlike life in any of the 90s sitcoms. I tried living that lifestyle — waking up at noon and having cereal and orange juice for breakfast. My boss and my body both didn’t like it.

Now, since I live by myself and there is no help or aid of any sort to get me coffee in bed, I drag my feet into the kitchen and with half-closed eyes and prepare a brown concoction closely resembling coffee.

By the time I’m done, it is already 7 and I’m gulping down the boiling liquid, using the bathroom, and looking at memes on Facebook, all at the same time while also trying to avoid getting late for the gym (cannot take one more taunt or disapproving look from the trainer).

Disciplined life, you think? More like obligation because my mid-twenties’ body cannot really keep up with the shit I subjected it to when I was 20!

The working out

I’ll admit it’s intimidating to witness hunks and hunkesses in the gymnasium, pounding away at the…



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